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The Statement of Marivan Civil Society Council about the Attack of Fascist Turkish Government on Rojawa Kurds

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In the name of compassionate and merciful

The Statement of Marivan Civil Society Council about the Attack of Fascist Turkish Government on Rojawa Kurds

To the public opinion of Kurdistan and the world

As you are aware, the Turkish fascist government has launched an extensive brutal aerial and ground raid on Rojava Kurdistan.
The World Opinion Knows Rojawa Kurds have played a crucial role in defeating ISIS and ISISism in the past few years. they have fought hard on behalf of the whole world and for the defense of humanity, However, today, unfortunately, they have been subjected to a criminal attack by the Turkish occupation army. The Rojawa Kurds showed that the nations of this region could live together in their motherland peacefully.
Undoubtedly, the Turkish invasion on Rojawa Kurds will have dangerous and serious consequences locally, regionally as well as globally. psychotic Erdogan who is the godfather of ISIS is plotting to exterminate Peaceful political existence of Kurds and other ethnicities and commit another massacre, with the pretext of counterterrorism and the creation of a safe zone.
Although Turkey and the ruling party need war and killing to survive and maintain their shaky rule, But the most important goal of the Turks is to rescue ISIS and organize them to achieve their Expansionist territorial and ideological goals as well as to kill the peoples of the Middle East and the world. The public opinion of the world truly knows that this approach is a great danger to the whole world community. Today we are witnessing the reaction of the international community to the invasion of the Turkish occupation army against the defenseless people of Rojava. The international civil society has recognized the need for a firm response to this inhumane aggression and has pressured public and non-governmental organization to make serious efforts. The global civil society has long been established and has consistently committed itself to litigation and the fight against injustice at all levels. The global civil society believes human rights agencies have been ineffective and unsuccessful and either by their silence or hollow recommendations embolden the occupiers to trample on defenseless people, especially the Kurds.
Marivan’s civil society organizations, alongside with the global civil society, strongly condemn the silence and collaboration of the institutions and governments with the Turkish attack on the Kurds. Also, Marivan’s civic organizations believe that all freedom-loving nations in the world and region must stand up against the inversion of human concepts such as security, peace, and humanitarianism by the Turkish occupation state and do not allow the intrinsic meanings of these concepts to be reversed by the occupiers. furthermore; they should disgrace Turkish attempt to reach inhumane ambitions in the form of these concepts.
We call on the international community, including the Security Council, the European Union and the Arab League and other effective institutions, to stand up against genocide and a major humanitarian catastrophe.
Marivan’s Civil Society Council Condemns Brutal Attack of Ataturk Red Boots and claimers of Islamic radicalism, which is a deviant path to Islam and appeal to all Kurdish people and freedom-seekers around the world to stand up Against this situation, prove their genuine activism and help in every possible way to support the oppressed people of Rojava.

Marivan Civil Society Council


Vajin Cultural-Artistic Center
Rojyar Cultural – Literary Association
YMAMH (the union of clergymen of Marivan and Hawraman)
Marivan Teachers’ Association
Jianavah(The Society for the Prevention of Addiction)
Chia Green Association
Marivan Cultural-Literary Association
Ronan Scientific – Cultural Center

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