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Chya The Green Organization

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This land is beautiful with Zagros

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Zagros is not happy these days and is on its way to turn into a desert owing to the activities of the people whom it has brought up in its bosom for thousands of years. The advent of wood mafia in this area and uprooting all the trees and forests for the sake of little profit, changing the land use into private properties and gardens, coaling, and the circulars and laws that pave the way for further destruction of the forests, will endanger the future of Zagros. In the meantime, the general tendency to charcoal kabob, hookahs and charcoal tea, in addition to health hazards and harmful diseases for the users, has provided a good market for destroyers of Zagros and according to the experts, if the situation continues in the same way, there will not be any forests near Zagros in the near future.
Zagros ecosystem, wounded by ill-usage, pests, fires and mismanagement, is about to receive the worst wounds by money traders. Alas, there are no laws and no responsible managers in this country; if there were, the situation would not be so critical.
As Chya the Green Organization, while expressing our deep regret over the present situation, we strongly warn against the non-returnable destruction of Zagros.
The current trend is not acceptable by no means, and all those who take part in this obvious plunder and irreparable treason, whether knowingly, as the dealers and merchants and with their axes and saws, or unknowingly, through irresponsibility and indifference, are committing an unforgivable crime.
We want all those who are of a conscious and social conscience and are passionate about nature to stand against these heinous and inhuman deeds in any way they can. It’s time for us to prevent the future of our land and not to let our natural autonomy to be put in danger for the sake of personal advantage of some certain people.
Zagros, as a kind mother, has always protected us, and it is our turn now to protect it honorably and be hopeful to do so.


Chya the Green Organization

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